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NPEN: Supporting Parenting Educators

Our Vision
The vision of the National Parenting Education Network (NPEN) is that all parents/families will have the information, resources and support needed to provide a nurturing relationship and an optimal environment that will encourage their children’s healthy growth and development.

Our Mission
The National Parenting Education Network is committed to advancing the field of parenting education, through:

  1. information sharing,
  2. professional development,
  3. networking, 
  4. leadership & advocacy.

Parenting Educators’ Learning Café

Do you want to learn more about how to support families as a parenting education professional? NPEN’s webinar series, the Parenting Educators’ Learning Café, is free to members and topics are generated by members and unique to parenting education. Learn and connect with other professionals in the field.

Parenting Education Matters Campaign

NPEN’s Parenting Education Matters campaign promotes and normalizes parenting education for the general public. When parenting education is seen as universally valuable caregivers, families, and communities benefit. Parenting professionals support skills and knowledge that lead to well-being. 

What skills do Parenting Educators need?

Do you train or employ parenting educators? Work as a parenting educator? NPEN’s comprehensive Parenting Educator Competencies describes the knowledge, practice skills, attitudes, and dispositions that are foundational to effective practice. Members of NPEN receive FREE access to this invaluable resource.

NPEN's Parenting Education Infographic 

NPEN has created a two-part infographic to be used as a concise, clear way to convey facts (the “what, who, where and why") about parenting education as well as information about NPEN and parenting educator competencies.


Join Us!

NPEN is a national organization that promotes the field of parenting education and encourages information sharing, professional development and networking opportunities for individuals who educate and support parents.


Membership Benefits Include:
• Information Sharing
• Professional Development
• Networking
• Leadership & Advocacy

Why I Belong to NPEN

“[I] was immediately struck by how hard this volunteer organization works to support the needs of not only our immediate membership, but the field of parenting education in general...NPEN is a wonderful place to exchange ideas, disseminate information, ask big questions, and make connections. My involvement with NPEN has been a rich and rewarding opportunity personally and professionally.”

Andrew Garland-Forshee, PhD
Full-time Faculty Member and Department Chair
Family and Human Services Program
Portland Community College (Portland, OR)

“I understand the unparalleled love and joy that comes with being a parent, but there can also be overwhelming stress and doubt. Parents need, and benefit from, the work of parenting educators who can equip them with new skills or help them tap into and develop skills they already possess. It is because of this work that I am a proud member of NPEN.”

Irena J. Glover, PhD, LMSW

Assistant Professor at Madonna UniversityAdjunct Professor at Wayne State University
Founder of Serenity Counseling Services
Founder of the non-profit It Takes A Village, Inc.

“I joined NPEN almost 20 years ago and now Chairing the Professional Preparation and Recognition Committee is a perfect fit for my interests and expertise. I’ve been so blessed and honored to serve with some of the pioneers in our field and feel like diamonds just drip from their mouths each time I attend a committee meeting and hear them speak.” 

Jody Johnston Pawel, LSW, CFLE
Second-generation parent educator and
award-winning author of a research-based parenting curriculum and book, Parents Toolshop®

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